Monday…best day Never.

The sun has set on another day. Monday…the best day Never!  If you ask someone “How’s your Monday?” It is rarely a cheerful response, usually one of woe and wishing for the weekend.

I have a busy office…people are always coming and going.  Conversations flow..I made a rule that I never open till 9:00. or they would descend earlier. .Can we have a cat? Who towed my car? Did you see the mess on 1st floor ? Do we qualify for an apartment? Can you watch my building on the weekend so that I can celebrate our son’s birthday?….on and on. If you tell me your problem…I must fix it.

Sometimes though it all gets to be a big burden….like the scene on the Amazing Race…my most favorite reality show. One of the challenges included carrying huge pieces of dried fish draped over their neck and shoulders which they then carried up the street and then pounded into a kilo of dried fish chips…before they got their next clue. It looked grueling…and fortunately you can’t smell fishy odors through the TV screen!

Some couples soared through the challenge, while others were tested to the end of their endurance…it would be easy to walk away, but no one quit. It is amazing what people would do for a million dollars. I work hard every day for a lot less.  Sometimes I wonder why. Then I remember all the people who have depended on me today.

“Happiness doesn’t result from what we get, but from what we give.” ― Ben Carson