Approaching the New Year December 29 2013



Approaching the New Year with trepidation.

Perchance the 13 is unlucky even in years.

I peruse my diary.

More loss than gain

The final sum.


We did have glorious times.

A Europe trip, the brightest jewel.

A writing group encouraging

Mindfulness, a book written

The final tally.


We bring with us into the new,

Not a clean slate, but the leftovers of life


A friend with cancer, fighting,

A friend missing, foul play.

Nothing adds up.


Except for the friendships

born and renewed.

Family times cherished,

Engraved on our hearts

Forever multiplied.

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I’d like a Month of Sundays.

amonthofsundaysSunday is my favorite day of the week. This is why I created this Blog on Sunday…to celebrate laziness, and discuss the Story of my life.   Everybody hates Monday. People have the most heart attacks on Monday…. but Sunday has potential, a new beginning…the first day of a new week.
This Sunday was excellent…a sleep in…snuggling into the robin egg blue sheets ….husband made coffee…then off to pick up my grandchildren to see Bob the Builder, promise kept. A friend had a birthday, and although he has been nursing a head cold, he joined us with his sons for takeout. No dishes.Yeah!
My life as a Property Manager is always busy. I have lots of stories about the people around me. Although I take the weekend off, having dedicated staff, I never know what will happen in my day.

This Sunday would have been perfect except for the man who tried to commit suicide today. He has been working himself up to it all week. A resident asked to allow him to stay with him. He was down on his luck, in divorce, a child in the hospital. It didn’t take long to see that he had an alcohol problem.
Providentially my site cleaner found him wandering the hall bleeding from a self inflicted wound, called an ambulance and sent him to hospital. He had visited the hospital yesterday, and confided suicidal thoughts, but they said they could not do anything unless he actually did something. Well he did….now they better listen!!!! It was a good Sunday after all.

There is a thin line that separates laughter and pain, comedy and tragedy, humor and hurt.

Erma Bombeck