I Love Halloween October 31 2013

I love Halloween. I know, I know,Halloween etc 2013 029 my besties know that I observe a conservative , no ghosts or goulies lifestyle, but I have always enjoyed the holiday. Perhaps my Scots (with a smattering of Irish we don’t talk about often lol) heritage makes me reluctant to let go of the social event that sets us apart from the other cultures, namely the desire for childish fun and a recognition of the “other” world that people ignore in real time. In Scottish culture children are only supposed to receive treats if they performed for the households they went to. This normally took the form of singing a song or reciting a joke or a funny poem which we memorized before setting out.

Of course I don’t have any digital pics of my childhood shenanigans…like the time my brother and I covered the neighborhood, returned home and changed costumes and went through the neighborhood again. The only suspicious person was the Dentist’s wife…and we only got a toothbrush and a quarter from her. I think she got egged later that evening…that was the rumor.

My most precious memory is of my Paternal grandfather. He reveled in the occasion.  Waiting until we had returned from Trick or Treating ..pillowcases in tow, he crept outside the house.  As we gleefully counted the spoils, bags of chips in one pile, candy bars in another, molasses candy, homemade fudge, all accounted for, we failed to notice that the living room curtains were still open in the darkened room, now lit only by Jack O’ lanterns ,lovingly carved and filled with fat candles that now casted  long shadows. Picture three little heads all engrossed in their tallies, discussing their haul, when suddenly there was a loud tap on  the living room window pane. To this day we all agree that the face staring at us through that window was the scariest most horrific person  we have ever seen and the screech that went up as we ran for mama, was according to her, a sight to behold.

Papa had taken Nana’s new mop and had used it as a wig with a hand towel as a scarf. He had taken his false teeth out , (This was a usual request from us, and constant entertainment, which caused fits of giggling when he obliged. Nana was not amused.) He put them in upside down. He then pressed his face against the window, and knocked. Our panic was exactly what he had hoped for, and he came through the door laughing and defending himself with the mop as we tackled him, in relief.

After our heart attacks were over we bobbed apples, and stuffed down warm caramel fudge, made by Papa’s hands. All was bliss. Thus ended a perfect Halloween.

This Halloween I will join my grand children. We have been carving, and planning costumes. Danika will be Dorothy with her ruby slippers, Nevaeh , the wicked witch of the West and I will be the cowardly lion. The outfit is a bit snug for a Nana…I was thinking it may require a bit of bravery to put it on…but what the heck…at least I have a heart 🙂


Monday…best day Never.

The sun has set on another day. Monday…the best day Never!  If you ask someone “How’s your Monday?” It is rarely a cheerful response, usually one of woe and wishing for the weekend.

I have a busy office…people are always coming and going.  Conversations flow..I made a rule that I never open till 9:00. or they would descend earlier. .Can we have a cat? Who towed my car? Did you see the mess on 1st floor ? Do we qualify for an apartment? Can you watch my building on the weekend so that I can celebrate our son’s birthday?….on and on. If you tell me your problem…I must fix it.

Sometimes though it all gets to be a big burden….like the scene on the Amazing Race…my most favorite reality show. One of the challenges included carrying huge pieces of dried fish draped over their neck and shoulders which they then carried up the street and then pounded into a kilo of dried fish chips…before they got their next clue. It looked grueling…and fortunately you can’t smell fishy odors through the TV screen!

Some couples soared through the challenge, while others were tested to the end of their endurance…it would be easy to walk away, but no one quit. It is amazing what people would do for a million dollars. I work hard every day for a lot less.  Sometimes I wonder why. Then I remember all the people who have depended on me today.

“Happiness doesn’t result from what we get, but from what we give.” ― Ben Carson

I’d like a Month of Sundays.

amonthofsundaysSunday is my favorite day of the week. This is why I created this Blog on Sunday…to celebrate laziness, and discuss the Story of my life.   Everybody hates Monday. People have the most heart attacks on Monday…. but Sunday has potential, a new beginning…the first day of a new week.
This Sunday was excellent…a sleep in…snuggling into the robin egg blue sheets ….husband made coffee…then off to pick up my grandchildren to see Bob the Builder, promise kept. A friend had a birthday, and although he has been nursing a head cold, he joined us with his sons for takeout. No dishes.Yeah!
My life as a Property Manager is always busy. I have lots of stories about the people around me. Although I take the weekend off, having dedicated staff, I never know what will happen in my day.

This Sunday would have been perfect except for the man who tried to commit suicide today. He has been working himself up to it all week. A resident asked to allow him to stay with him. He was down on his luck, in divorce, a child in the hospital. It didn’t take long to see that he had an alcohol problem.
Providentially my site cleaner found him wandering the hall bleeding from a self inflicted wound, called an ambulance and sent him to hospital. He had visited the hospital yesterday, and confided suicidal thoughts, but they said they could not do anything unless he actually did something. Well he did….now they better listen!!!! It was a good Sunday after all.

There is a thin line that separates laughter and pain, comedy and tragedy, humor and hurt.

Erma Bombeck